Boot Animation Installer 3.9.0


PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: Some of the newer boot animations are larger in size! If you are not on 4G or Wifi, they make longer to Download.
You have now been warned, this app is for ROOTED users, do not rate poorly because you are not rooted and don't know what root is.

=== Issues? ===
- If you have any issues or questions about this app, please, feel free to email me at

Please note: not every boot animation will work on every device, this app may also not work on every device. If it doesn't work, don't rate it bad, please email so we can work it out.

Also: If any of these boot animations are made by you, and you would like credit, please let me know!
=== Features ===

- 100+ Boot Animations
- User decides if boot animations install to /data/local or /system/media or /system/customize/resource
- Boot animations are places on the SD in /sdcard/bootanimations
- Info
- Dev Support
- Credited Boot Animations
- Reboot Option
- Much more to come!!

extra tags: root, boot animation, david, davidjr, davidjr621, switcher, personalization, start up, android

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